Greetings Good People,

Let me extend to you a warm heart felt welcome to Nouri. We would like to share our company mission and showcase our two brand new seaweed extracts products. 

This journey has been a labour of love for me, full of adventure, exploration and learning.  Most importantly, I now understand how we can make crops, livestock and the earth benefit from the nutrients of seaweeds which grow 5 times faster than land plants.

I have had our seaweeds analysed for active growth ingredients and tested for efficacy in yield.  The laboratory results have confirmed increased yield and other benefits.  We have also run numerous field tests with measurable positive results.

Nouri has opened our processing facility in Batam, Indonesia next to exotic islands and beautiful, nutrient rich and clear waters.  We are close to the source and the farmers.

We have developed two products with you in mind. 

Nouri SeaEssence Bio Stimulant a liquid extract for crops that can be applied to agriculture, horticulture and landscaping.

Nouri SeaEssence Bio Feed a dry livestock feed full of nutrients and available for all major livestock that can be fed to Poultry, Cattle, Goats and Sheep. Imagine, seaweed eating cows are able to fight climate change!

To enable a successful food chain in line with our product, we have designed a distribution system to ensure we are close to you our customers. The Nouri business model provides our customers with a sustainable and successful outcome for all stakeholders including our end users. I would like to personally invite potential wholesalers to join us, so we can bring Nouri products to the market to be shared by all, for all.  

The time for change is now.  By working together, we will nourish a healthier planet.


Lee Van Voon 

Founder / Chief Biotechnologist